Research Fellows


ANICETO C. ORBETA, JR.Ph.D. Economics, University of the Philippines Postdoctoral, Harvard University

Impact Evaluation, Demographic Economics, Social Sector Issues, Applied Economic Modeling, Information and Communication Technologies
Direct line: 877-4094
Local line: 4094
Michael Ralph M. AbrigoResearch SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4049
Local line: 4049
Ann Jillian V. AdonaResearch Analyst IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4091
Local line 4091
Emma P. CincoAdministrative Assistant IIIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4089
Local line 4089
CELIA M. REYESPh.D. Economics, University of Pennsylvania

Econometric Modeling, Poverty Analysis
Direct line: 877-4088
Local line: 4088
Aubrey D. TabugaSupervising Research SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4087
Local line: 4087

(On Study Leave)
Christian D. MinaSupervising Research SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4086
Local line: 4086
Adrian Boyett D. AgbonSupervising Research SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4083
Local line: 4083
Ronina D. AsisSenior Research SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4082
Local line: 4082
Maria Blesila D. MondezSenior Research SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4081
Local line: 4081
Arkin A. ArbonedaResearch Analyst IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4080
Local line: 4080
Junalyn T. BayonaAdministrative Assistant IIIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4079
Local line: 4079
CONNIE B. DACUYCUYPh.D. Economics, Kyoto University

Household, Family and Gender issues, Poverty Analysis, Applied Economic Modelling
Direct Line: 877-4098
Local line: 4098
DANILO C. ISRAELPh.D. Applied Economics, Clemson University Postdoctoral, University of British Columbia

Resource and Environmental Economics, Fisheries Economics
Direct line: 877-4078
Local line: 4078
David Feliks M. BunaoResearch Analyst IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4077
Local line: 4077
ERLINDA M. MEDALLAPh.D. Economics, University of the Philippines Postdoctoral, Yale University

Trade and Industrial Policy, Competition Policy, Regional Integration
Direct line: 877-4076
Local line: 4076
Maureen Ane D. RosellonSupervising Research SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4075
Local line: 4075
Melalyn C. MantaringProject Development Officer IVE-mail:
Direct line: 877:4073
Local line: 4073
Mildred C. BelizarioProject Evaluation Officer IIIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4074
Local line: 4074
Susan I. PizarroProject Development Officer IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4072
Local 4072
JOSE RAMON G. ALBERTPh.D Statistics State University of New York at Stony Brook

Statistical Analysis on Poverty Measurement and Diagnostics, Agricultural Statistics, Education Statistics, Climate Change, Survey Design, Data Mining, Statistical Analysis of Missing Data
Direct line: 877-4071
Local line: 4071
Jana Flor V. VizmanosResearch Analyst IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4090
Local line: 4090
MARIFE M. BALLESTEROSPh.D. Social Sciences, University of Nijmegen

Economic Anthropology, Housing and Urban Development Issues
Direct line: 877-4037
Local line: 4037
John Paul P. CorpusResearch Analyst IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4066
Local line: 4066
Tatum P. RamosResearch Analyst IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4065
Local line: 4065
RAMONETTE B. SERAFICAPh.D. Economics, University of Hawaii

Services and Trade in Services
Direct line: 877-4064
Local line: 4064
Jose Carlos Alexis C. BairanResearch Analyst IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4063
Local line: 4063
ROEHLANO M. BRIONESPh.D. Economics, University of the Philippines

Agriculture, CGE Modelling, Rural Development
Direct line: 877-4062
Local line: 4062
Ivory Myka R. GalangResearch Analyst IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4061
Local line: 4061
ROSARIO G. MANASANPh.D. Economics, U.P. School of Economics Postdoctoral, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Public Finance, Decentralization, Education
Direct line: 877-4059
Local line: 4059
Janet S. CuencaSupervising Research SpecialistE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4058
Local line: 4058
Catharine E. AdaroSupervising Research SpecialistEmail:
Direct line: 877-4057
Local line: 4057
Miro Frances D. CapiliSenior Research SpecialistEmail:
Direct line: 877-4056
Local line: 4056
Lovely Ann C. TolinResearch Analyst IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4095
Local line: 4095
Lucita M. MelendezAdministrative Assistant IIIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4055
Local line: 4055
SONNY N. DOMINGOPh.D. Applied Economics, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Agricultural Science and Resource Economics, Mathematical Programming, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Direct Line: 877-4047
Local line: 4047
Ma. Divina C. OlagueraResearch Analyst IIE-mail:
Direct line: 877-4046
Local line: 4046
VICENTE B. PAQUEOPh.D. Economics, University of the Philippines

Education, Social Protection/Human Development
Direct line: 877-3111
Local line: 3111