Development Research News is the quarterly news publication of PIDS, reporting on the latest findings as well as recommendations of studies and fora conducted by the Institute. The newsletter features articles on key national and current issues, research digests, project updates, and a rundown of the latest PIDS publications. News on PIDS activities provide an inside look into the Institute and the people behind it. The main objective of the newsletter is to highlight policy-oriented issues deemed relevant and timely, in a nontechnical manner.

DRN 2016 Vol. XXXIV No. 4

The Potentials of Agricultural Insurance as a Poverty Reduction Tool

DRN 2016 Vol. XXXIV No. 3

Building Resilience--Key to Achieving Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

DRN 2016 Vol. XXXIV No. 2

Duterte Must Be Bold on Economic Policy

DRN 2016 Vol. XXXIV No. 1

The Philippine Economy in 2015 and Prospects for 2016