The Department of Health, through its Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), aims to immunize 95% of Filipino children against a set of 11 serious but preventable diseases. However, this target has yet to be reached in the last 30 years. The highest basic vaccination coverage so far was 80% in 2016. Without a sufficiently high proportion of children vaccinated, herd immunity for the population cannot be reached, and outbreaks of diseases like measles and polio may easily spread among Filipino children and the population.
This infographic sheds light on the EPI’s performance and issues that affect the delivery of vaccines to Filipino children. It also offers recommendations to address challenges in implementing the national immunization program.
This infographic is based on PIDS Research Paper Series No. 2022-04 titled “An Assessment on the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) in the Philippines: Supply-side Challenges and Ways Forward” written by PIDS Senior Research Fellow Valerie Gilbert T. Ulep and PIDS Supervising Research Specialist Jhanna Uy. This publication may be downloaded here:

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