The digital sector cuts across different markets and industries of the economy. However, gains from the digital economy may be hampered by setbacks in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. Improving industry competition, ICT coverage, and service quality is essential for the broader and more productive use of digital technologies.
This infographic provides an overview of the digital value chain and the ICT performance of the Philippines. Barriers to entry and expansion in the internet connectivity segment are also presented, along with recommendations to strengthen the foundations of the digital economy.
It is based on PIDS Discussion Paper (DP) 2022-26 titled “Upgrading the ICT Regulatory Framework: Toward Accelerated and Inclusive Digital Connectivity” and DP 2022-47 titled “The Philippine Digital Sector and Internet Connectivity: An Overview of the Value Chain and Barriers to Competition”. Both papers were written by PIDS Senior Research Fellow Ramonette B. Serafica and Research Specialist Queen Cel A. Oren.

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