The Discussion Papers are preliminary, unedited and unreviewed papers circulated on a limited basis for the purpose of eliciting critical comments and suggestions for refinement of the studies. They may eventually graduate into any of the Institute's regular publication series. The Philippine APEC Study Center Network (PASCN) also publishes discussion papers on APEC-related matters.

DP 2017-60

Health Practices of Children and Women with Disabilities

DP 2017-59

School Participation of Children with Disability: The Case of San Remigio and Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

DP 2017-58

Decentralization and Health in the Philippines: A Systematic Review of Empirical Evidences

DP 2017-57

Employment Profile of Women with Disabilities in San Remigio and Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

DP 2017-56

Designing the Fiscal Features of a Federal Form of Government: Autonomy, Accountability, and Equity Considerations

DP 2017-55

Countering the Discriminatory Impact of Minimum Wages Against Disadvantaged Workers: Literature Review and Experimental Design Development

DP 2017-54

Assessment of Implementation Issues and Livelihood Success on the Sustainable Livelihood Program of the DSWD

DP 2017-53

Assessment of the BUB Program: Improving Access of Local Communities to Basic Services and Strengthening Social Capital

DP 2017-52

Welfare Issues in Price Control on Occasions of Calamities, Emergencies, and Like Occurrences

DP 2017-51

Review of High-Value Agriculture in the Philippines with Comprehensive Subsectoral Focus: Livestock Industries