September 23, 2017

As we move closer to our 40th founding anniversary on September 26, we invite you to get to know the PIDS a bit more. Each day from August 18 to our anniversary day, we'll feature some interesting facts about the Institutea total of 40 Things (You Just Might Not Know) About PIDS.

40 Things (You Just Might Not Know) About PIDS (37/40):PIDS inputs to legislation

Part of the Institute's mandateis to provide technical expertise to policymakers and shed light on important issues. The PIDSthrough its researchersdirectly assists legislators in the analysis and refinement of proposed bills in Congress by submitting their comments to relevant Senate and House Committees or particular senators/congressmen at their requests.

Browse through the comments/inputs of PIDS researchers on various proposed legislations by visiting this link: