September 24, 2017

As we move closer to our 40th founding anniversary on September 26, we invite you to get to know the PIDS a bit more. Each day from August 18 to our anniversary day, we'll feature some interesting facts about the Institutea total of 40 Things (You Just Might Not Know) About PIDS.

40 Things (You Just Might Not Know) About PIDS (38/40):PIDS research agenda

The PIDS research program is guided bya research agenda that is reviewed and updated every five years to reflect current and emerging policy issues. To craft the research agenda, the Institute commissions an independent multidisciplinary committee composed of distinguished academics and public policy practitioners.

The PIDS research agenda for 20152019 centers on resilience capacity building, which refers to: (a) capacity to reduce the vulnerability of society or communities to expected adverse shocks, and mitigate the adverse effects if and when these occur; (b) capacity to rebuild after shocks and build back better; and (c) capacity to take advantage of expected positive shocks, such as trade agreements.

For more details, download a copy of the research agenda here: