Date Published:
Sep 17, 2021
Policy Notes
Focus Area(s):
PN 2021-09

Digital platforms provide a supplementary income source, thus improving economic participation and empowerment, especially of women and homemakers. This Policy Note presents a gendered perspective on how online platforms can enhance livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities for both women and men. Based on data from the 2019 National Information Communications Technology Household Survey, women are more likely than men to engage in online work because it offers flexibility to do other nonmarket work. Online platforms provide livelihood opportunities, especially for women who cannot participate in the economy. Apart from gender issues and other socioeconomic challenges, lack of education limits a person’s ability to use online platforms for various welfare-enhancing activities. Most online sellers are college graduates and are proficient in using computers. Meanwhile, those not using online platforms cited lack of knowledge and access to the internet and equipment as reasons for not engaging in online selling. Thus, the authors recommend reskilling the workforce and enhancing the digital skills of the population. They also urge the government to leverage digital platforms to promote social welfare, including access to social protection programs and livelihood opportunities. Lastly, the authors noted that improving the Philippine digital infrastructure is vital to allow greater ICT engagements among Filipinos.


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In the Media
  1. Simeon, Louise Maureen. 2021. Reskilling job market needed for digital boost. Philippine Star.

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