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Dec 02, 2023
RPS 2023-05
This study presents a small macroeconometric model of the Philippines. The model covers the basic parts of the economy—namely, private consumpti..
Research Paper Series
Oct 17, 2023
RPS 2023-04
Given the persistently high under-5 stunting prevalence in the Philippines, it is important to look at how the country has invested in nutrition inter..
Research Paper Series
Oct 17, 2023
DP 2023-14
Net neutrality has been one of the most controversial issues in internet regulation. Currently, there is no policy or regulation on net neutrality in ..
Discussion Papers
Sep 26, 2023
PN 2023-20
Food security policies and programs build resilience against conflict. However, within the context of conflict-ridden communities, such policies and p..
Policy Notes
Sep 26, 2023
DRN Vol. 41 No. 3
This quarter’s Development Research News (DRN) looks at the key issues in the Philippine education sector and how to address them. Its banner ar..
Development Research News
Sep 25, 2023
DP 2023-13
The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), in partnership with the International Fund for Agricultural Development, implemented the project Convergence ..
Discussion Papers
Sep 12, 2023
PN 2023-19
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) program was pivotal in providing essential guidance for evidence-based health..
Policy Notes
Aug 29, 2023
RPS 2023-03
Social norms and structures are vital factors that shape people’s behavior and attitudes. Therefore, analyzing such underlying forces in creatin..
Research Paper Series
Aug 24, 2023
DP 2023-12
The domestic shipping industry has a crucial role in the Philippine economy as it supports domestic trade and provides an affordable means of interisl..
Discussion Papers
Aug 10, 2023
PN 2023-18
Agroecotourism's success lies in a community-based approach that empowers locals, giving them control over initiatives and strengthening their ties to..
Policy Notes
Jul 26, 2023
PN 2023-17
Written for the Second Congressional Commission on Education and based on existing research, this Policy Note provides an overview of the major i..
Policy Notes
Jul 17, 2023
DP 2023-11
Following Schumpeter’s ideas, the Oslo Manual defines innovation as “the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good o..
Discussion Papers
Jul 03, 2023
PN 2023-16
Over the past three decades, there have been significant improvements in basic education attendance and survival rates. However, schooling quality rem..
Policy Notes
Jun 27, 2023
PN 2023-15
Written for the Second Congressional Commission on Education, this Policy Note summarizes new early evidence on the impact of the senior high school (..
Policy Notes
Jun 26, 2023
RPS 2023-02
Smart city development is recognized as a potential solution to urbanization issues. This study examines Philippine cities’ readiness for smart ..
Research Paper Series

Showing 76-90 of 2,993 items.
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