“Service through Policy Research”


       We provide relevant, credible, and rigorous research of policy issues that can guide policymaking in the country.

       We uphold research excellence and abide by ethical standards and the Data Privacy Act of 2012 in the conduct of policy research.

       We promote open dissemination of research results to our stakeholders. The publication of PIDS research outputs follows publishing standards that are based on internationally vetted rules. The Institute also observes intellectual property and copyrights laws.

       We adhere to standards of professionalism and competence in all levels of the organization and commit to continual improvement of our quality management system.




To uphold its Quality Policy, PIDS will ensure that:

       Human resources are continuously equipped with relevant knowledge and skills, and possess the right attitude;

       Research tools and methods are carefully designed to achieve systematic, sound, and multidisciplinary research evidence;

       Technologies used for research and dissemination activities are properly maintained; and

       Systems are well defined, effective, regularly monitored, and evaluated.