Jan 04, 2021 to Feb 29, 2024
Funding Agency:
Focus Area(s):
Human Development, Labor Markets, and Poverty
Project Director:
Abrigo, Michael Ralph M.

An impact evaluation study will be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the program. Likewise, a separate assessment of the veracity of the list of beneficiaries will be conducted. These two major studies will be conducted within a period of three years, including dissemination of results. These studies will cover the first and second assessment areas indicated in Section 25 of the IRR. The two rounds of impact evaluations will be rigorous studies aimed to measure the impact of the program on specific outcomes identified in the program’s theory of change and logic. The evaluations will make use of experimental or quasi-experimental methods to show attribution of measured impact to the program. The final design will be decided by the Impact Evaluation Technical Working Group (IE-TWG) co-chaired by PIDS with DSWD. An impact evaluation survey will be conducted to collect primary data on education, health, and economic decisions of the treatment (e.g., household beneficiaries) and the counterfactual/comparison group (e.g., non beneficiaries).

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