Date Published:
Aug 03, 2021
Focus Area(s):
DP 2021-19

Executive Order No. 27 Series of 2017 mandated all government agencies and instrumentalities, including all local government units (LGUs), to implement the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) and Public Investment Program (PIP) for the period 2017-2022. This triggered the PDP localization efforts of the Department of the Interior and Local Government and National Economic Development Authority in 2017. Aimed at aligning local development plans with the PDP, the exercise produced results matrices (RMs) for provinces and LGUs in the National Capital Region (NCR). But even beyond the alignment of development plans, the RMs show how LGUs (1) contribute to national development through their programs and projects and (2) inform oversight agencies of their priorities and needs. This study reviews how recent efforts to ensure the alignment of provincial/NCR LGUs to national development goals fared and how effective were recent PDP and PDP results matrices (PDP/RM) localization efforts. This study used a mixed-methods approach, sequential parallel analysis, and process evaluation, focusing primarily on summarizing and evaluating the drafted RMs and engaging in key informant interviews to gather perceptions on the conduct of the PDP localization efforts and suggestions for improvements.

The summarized LGU RMs of the report show how these are a powerful tool that could help identify priority areas, monitor progress, collectively inform strategic investments, and surface areas that LGUs may need oversight support from the national government. The PDP localization exercise was also well received by interviewed local officials, helping them to recognize their contribution to national development. Moving forward, there is a need to strengthen information and education campaigns, strengthen human resource capacities, and make indicator data more available. Finally, this exercise should be included in the broader thrust of being able to link plans and investment programs to outputs and their contribution to national outcomes.

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