Date Published:
Dec 22, 2023
Focus Area(s):
DP 2023-31

Accelerating digitalization is one of the cross-cutting strategies identified in the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028. To ensure that the benefits of digitalization benefit everyone, widespread adoption of the internet is essential.  This study provides an overview of the concepts and strategies that have been employed to increase broadband adoption.  It then presents the state of broadband services in the Philippines and discusses the policies and strategies at the national and community level, including initiatives to provide relevant online services and content.

The government has in place a National Broadband Plan, a a coherent set of proposed policy, regulatory, and infrastructure interventions to ensure the delivery of universal, fast, reliable, affordable broadband internet services.  While significant reforms have been introduced in recent years and additional measures are planned, the implementation of government programs has been less than satisfactory.  There is a need to revisit the design of Free Wi-Fi for All to ensure that the country’s flagship universal access program will fulfill its objectives, given the substantial public funding that is being allocated for internet services in public places.  Moreover, with satellite technologies and service providers now available, connecting GIDAs to the internet is no longer insurmountable.  To better understand the development of broadband in the Philippines, a broadband map should be developed.  More comprehensive data will also help uncover digital connectivity disparities among specific sectors or groups and guide the development of more targeted solutions.

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